Wednesday, December 6, 2017
6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Optimal Workshop (map)

Ever wished you had some tips for managing the stress in your life? We are all subjected to some level of stress, sometimes on a daily basis, and it is reacting to the little hassles and frustrations (in the fight flight response) that is causing 75-90% of visits to the health care providers. We can learn to be more effective when reacting out of habit to situations by taking charge of our physiology. This is the one thing that you CAN control, and it becomes your choice.

In this session, Lynnette will provide you with an introduction to her self-regulation training “The Choice” where you will learn and effective technique that you will be able to use to “live in” more often and implement when challenges occur to “reset” your physiology. This technique can be measured with biofeedback. You will learn tips to help you identify your stressors and their effects and how you can integrate this self-regulation technique.

Lynnette will also give you a link to a short (under 4 minutes) video that you can access to continue to practice the technique you learn at the session. All that is required is your “sincerity” for the technique to be effective.

About Lynette Chadwick

Lynnette Chadwick is a Gestalt Psychotherapist and Licensed Practitioner in a self-regulation system that transforms stress, overwhelm and anxiety on the go. For over thirty years Lynnette has worked in the field of personal and professional development.

For the past five years Lynnette’s work has been supporting people to learn an effective self-management system for early intervention and prevention of accumulative stress. This results in increased deliberateness, resilience and health (mentally, emotionally and physically) and was a natural progression for Lynnette when she became well after experiencing accumulative stress.

Lynnette experienced the nasty effects of accumulative stress first hand soon after her son was born in 2004. The new family were faced with a major challenge when Lynnette’s partner went through successful brain surgeries. Fortunately the tumour was successfully removed but erratic and aggressive mood swings occurred for several years. Life on that front is a lot calmer these days.

Lynnette does volunteer work in some schools around Wellington and also runs a private practice where she sees individuals and families to support them to learn an effective system to enjoy life more and feel more in charge.