We believe in the incredible worth of women,
yes you are worth more than rubies!

What We do

We empower women by equipping them with the practical skills they need to take charge and bring about positive change in their lives.

More Than Rubies is a movement created by M.A.D Skills a social enterprise that exists to make a difference. You can find out more about M.A.D Skills here.

Who we are



Shiffy is a business-nerd who believes the best way to take over the world is to change it for the better. Shiffy believes in living her faith out loud which inspires her to reach people through practical means. Shiffy is the Founder and Director of M.A.D Skills, a social enterprise that exists to make a difference. Launching More Than Rubies as a part of M.A.D Skills, with the help of the ‘starry cluster’ – a band of incredibly talented and passionate volunteers, has enabled Shiffy to act on her mission to empower women.

Our story is deeply-rooted in history

1901 Amy Carmichael founded Donavur Fellowship Children’s Home rescuing babies and girls from moral and physical danger, positively changing the course of hundreds of lives.

August 1947, an 11- day-old baby girl named Memani is brought to Donavur Fellowship. Memani leaves Donavur for training, later moving to Delhi where she marries and has two children.

December 1987, Memani’s daughter Shiffy age 8 visits Donavur. Witnessing Amy Carmichael’s incredible legacy, Shiffy makes a commitment to alsodo something that would positively impact the lives of many.

November 2011, while visiting a children’s home and running a business workshopin the Philippines Shiffy finds her true calling to empower people through business.

October 2015, Shiffy launches M.A.D Skills, a social enterprise that empowers individuals, charities and small businesses through business coaching.

May 2016, acting on the long-held dream to empower women as Amy Carmichael had done over a century ago, Shiffy teams up with two amazing ladies Emily and Felicity to plan the first More Than Rubies conference as part of M.A.D Skills.

September 4th, 2016, More Than Rubies is launched and received with great accolade by 70 attendees, 16 speakers across 13 workshops. The women in attendance find More Than Rubies a safe environment to learn, share stories and challenge their current circumstances.

More Than Rubies’ second conference took place on Saturday 1st July at Massey University. It was attended by a fantastic audience of 100 women and was supported by 11 speakers and 9 volunteers. It received some truly great feedback and the women left feeling inspired and motivated.More Than Rubies is now set to be an annual event.

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