2018 Conference Speakers


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Our 2018 conference theme is “Fearless’. “Fearless” is about encouraging and challenging our delegates to be bold and responsible in the choices they make, to push them beyond the limitations they place on themselves.

Francesca Jago

I’m Francesca, the founder of Get Ahead Media, and I spend my time helping small business owners and solopreneurs harness the power of video so they can grow their businesses. I teach them to do this using only their smartphone! And when I’m not immersed in video you’ll find out amongst the waves at Lyall Bay in Wellington. I’m a bodyboarder and the ocean is where I go to recharge and refresh – whenever the swell is pumping 🙂 But let’s get real for a second. Growing a business is never easy and straightforward, and honestly, there’s a tonne of fear at every turn. Fear of if you can do it, fear of the unknown, even fear of success. So I don’t believe in the absence of fear, but moving through it, in spite of it. But how do you do that? I bring the power of the ocean into the equation, and I look forward to sharing that with you during the conference.

Pushing through fear, using the power of the ocean

Life or business is never done in the absence of fear. It’s about pushing through it at the right time/right way. The fear is just letting you know you truly care about what you’re doing. There are two things I love, my business and the ocean. I bring the two together to demonstrate overcoming fear and what the ocean can teach us about life and business.

Adithi Pandit

Adithi leads the Social Impact Practice at Deloitte, and her mission is to help bring about systemic change to improve the lives of New Zealanders. She’s passionate about equity, empathy and excellence. Adithi is based in Wellington and has a young son, two teenage step-kids and a wonderful husband.


Fearless Leadership

A personal and professional perspective on the roots of fearlessness – how do we find freedom from fear, what does fearless leadership look like, and why does it matter. I’d like to challenge us on what love-based leadership looks like at an individual, social and national/global level.

Alyson Garrido

Alyson Garrido is passionate about helping women advance their careers and find jobs they will enjoy. As a career coach, she partners with her clients to identify their strengths and create a path toward a more fulfilling career. Alyson provides support around preparing for interviews, performance reviews, and salary negotiations, ensuring that you present yourself in the best possible light for job search and career advancement. Learn more or book a session with Alyson by visiting www.alysongarrido.com.


Work Your Network

How can you become a fearless networker? It’s time to reframe your networking story and get out there to build meaningful relationships authentically! Networking is a necessary skill for professionals at all levels. Your colleagues and connections can provide industry insight, tactical solutions and opportunities to advance your career. Despite the many benefits of networking, many consider networking a chore or fruitless endeavour. This workshop will provide ways to make networking easy and even fun. During this presentation, Alyson will discuss proven techniques to use and expand your network – it’s bigger than you think.

Lat Nayar

Lat Nayar is an appreneur and life coach who helps individuals and groups become self- confident, assertive and successful through a holistic, value-based and integrated mind-body-spirit approach. Before starting her own business. Lat spent 23 years as a Mechanical/Project Engineer and Manager in the Oil & Gas field. She has managed small, medium and large teams in international multi-million dollar projects where she had ample opportunities to develop and hone leadership, time/money management and project management skills in many different business environments. In the last 5 years, Lat has been running a mobile app business specialising in utility and game apps. Lat loves reading, singing, long walks in nature and meditation. In 2017, Lat set out to be at her best health and fitness. She lost 35 kgs (77 lbs) in 9 months. Lat is available for private consultation and coaching. You can reach her at latnayar@gmail.com.

Ready, Aim, Fire – Your Path to Fearless, Value Based Life Goals

The session will be a focused, hands-on workshop on setting, scheduling and achieving life goals. You will leave this session with a clear list of your value-based goals/subgoals, a preliminary/draft schedule for working on those goals and reviewing them; experience a visualisation exercise, and know the technique for answering exploratory/empowering “goal” discovery questions

Kim Chamberlain

Kim Chamberlain is an international professional speaker, trainer, author of over 10 books, director of Chrysalis for Women, a support service for women in small business, and real estate investor. Her background is in helping people to take a step forward in life, and for over 20 years she has shared practical advice and suggestions in her presentations to a wide range of audiences, on three continents.


Taking Risks

There probably aren’t many women who would leave their comfortable established life and move to a small town in East Africa with their husband and two children, armed with just a suitcase each, two days’ accommodation in a guest house and a belief that it would work out.

Kim did, and will share with you her experiences including the steps she took to be able to do what someone called ‘jumping off a cliff’, how she counteracted bemused friends doubt with ‘well how difficult can it be?’ and a three-step formula for taking risks and achieving more.

Jen Young

Jen is a coach, facilitator and leadership development consultant (specialising in mindfulness, millenials and mindset).


The unexpected positive side effects of 40 days of facing fear

What happens when you do something every day for 40 days that either (1) is outside your comfort zone, (2) you’ve never done before or (3) scares you sh*tless? I decided to find out for myself in 2017. In this interactive workshop I discuss my key learnings from 40 Days of Facing Fears, what I learned about the reality of fear and how consistently facing fears can change YOUR life.

Fiona Deehan

I am me. Unique in my own way, but no different to you in others. No different to you in the way that often, my thoughts and my actions and my beliefs are what stand between me and the work that I want to do. I am a mother. I am an immigrant. I am a woman. I am someone who has learned the power of the questions I ask of myself and others, the actions I take and choices I make and that ultimately, I am personally responsible for taking control of my life. I struggle. I have doubt. I am weak. I am strong. I am a work in progress. Professionally, I am a Training Consultant, passionate about growth – my own and the growth of others. I firmly believe that investment in effective workplace training is an investment in sustainable people, therefore sustainable organisations. My training philosophy is based on the foundation principles of diversity, inclusion, equity, mindset and wellbeing.


Questions, Actions, Choices…and Personal Responsibility

Your thoughts and actions are ultimately responsible for where you are in life. Certain actions I have taken have resulted in me shifting the direction of my professional and personal life. Join me as I share with you my experiences and lessons learned in bringing about ‘the shift’.

In this session you will have an opportunity to:
Ask questions to get to know yourself and your values; Acknowledge that without action, knowledge is useless; Accept that there is always a choice – it might not always be an easy one, but it exists, and Accept that nobody but you can take responsibility for the direction of your life. Your questions, actions and choices are ultimately what matters, and all that you can control.

Di Drayton

My story started 14 years ago when I fell 15 meters onto rocks, breaking my back and partially paralysing my right leg. At the time I was an avid outdoors person, rock climber, mountain biker, mountaineer. I didn’t want to stop climbing but walking any distance across rugged terrain was painful so I focused on more technical climbing, like climbing water ice, with shorter approaches. This meant overseas travel and climbing with strangers. I had to work through puzzles and the fear of travelling alone. I was climbing with a partially paralysed leg and a footbrace which made not only the climbing difficult but also the access. The brace I had was hard plastic and quite painful to wear, so I tried everything I could think of to find a way to improve it, including an attempt to study orthotics and prosthetics in Australia. In 2015 I heard about a newly released brace by a company in Quebec. I imported one and then worked with the inventor to find a way I could use it ice climbing. The brace has changed my life, I can walk without pain and this year I ran the Boston marathon. My next life project is to build a website to tell the stories of people whose lives have been changed by inventions like my footbrace.

Coming back stronger

When I first started climbing in 1986 I attended an Alpine Club event and there I listened to a female climber tell stories of travelling around the world alone, meeting strangers and climbing mountains with them. From that day I knew that if she could, I could and I began travelling and climbing. My story is about focusing on the ending that I want in life. I am often scared and overwhelmed by the obstacles around me but I keep going because there are so many things I want to have done or tried before my life is over. Since my accident I have read a lot of books, such as Mind Wide Open explaining fear and taught me how to trick my brain so that I recognise and stop myself falling into the trap of thinking my accident might happen again. Another book, Explain Pain taught me how to understand pain and I was able to stop taking pain medication. Join me as I share with you my lessons: if I can, you can; focus on where you want to be (I think of it as looking back on life when I am old); and be informed.

Anna Watson


Anna cares most about people; how we find our place in the world, and how we make the best of it (and ourselves) along the way. Anna is a facilitator and supporter of Aotearoa’s social enterprise landscape. She designed and managed social enterprise programmes Future Leaders and Live the Dream for Inspiring Stories Trust. More recently, she has worked with social enterprises including crowdfunding platform PledgeMe, the PopUp Business School and Peer Academy. Anna’s keen interest in social enterprise grew from her time as a corporate lawyer, where she grew so disconnected from her values that she felt she had no choice but to leave corporate law and craft herself a lifestyle of impactful work.


Navigating Heropreneurship

We often read stories and attend conferences that focus on founders, who started from nothing and created something wonderful; ideally something impactful. The subtext is that each of us should start up something, make our individual mark on the world. But what about those founders’ supporters? Or those already doing something similar? It takes courage to ask if you are really the right person to be launching your solution onto the world. And it takes courage to take ownership of the role of supporter, in a world that celebrates the founder at the top. We will explore the paradox of leading by following; learn how we can look at what’s already out there to build something better; and become comfortable in celebrating the ‘supporters’, as well as the ‘leaders’.

Chloe Bryan


The Shift Foundation co-designs wellbeing solutions with young women to better understand their needs in an ever-changing environment. It seeks and hears feedback, and embraces constant iteration and meaningful engagement. They are accessible, agile, and strongly believe in building whanaungatanga. They experiment, collaborate and have fun! They work in the worlds of wellbeing science, physical activity, social entrepreneurship and design. Chloe is passionate about connection, kindness and equal opportunities for all people.

jess stuart

Author, Speaker & Coach
Author of the book A Rough Guide to a Smooth Life and Like A Girl on a mission to empower people to realise their potential to achieve balance in life, inspiring people to find their purpose, rediscover what matters and make changes to bring about a healthier, happier world. 
After a successful career in the corporate HR world Jess decided to follow her passions.  A qualified yoga and mindfulness instructor with a certificate in Life Coaching.  Having lived, worked and volunteered in many countries with some inspirational people Jess draws her life experience into her work to share the principles of health and happiness. Read more about Jess and access her blog on her website; www.inspireyourlife.org


Navigating fear of failure, self-doubt and perfectionism.  How to make sure feelings of imposter syndrome don’t stop us succeeding.

I’m not sure I can do this, they’ve over estimated my abilities, I think I’m going to get found out, I’m scared I’ve taken on too much, what if I fail and I can’t do it? Does this sounds familiar? Do you feel no matter how hard you work it’s never quite enough? Do you worry what other people will think? Do you tend to avoid taking risks or taking on challenges through fear that you’re not quite ready yet? Do you hold exceedingly high expectations of yourself and always aim for perfection? 
In this session we’ll look at what Imposter Syndrome is, why it effects so many women and how we can navigate those nagging feelings of self-doubt to be our best and unlock our potential. Understand the impacts of fear of failure, perfectionism and our people pleasing tendencies. With practical tips to help build self-efficacy, resilience and navigate those feelings of fear and inadequacy.



“It is a privilege to be a woman” ~ Jada Pinkett-Smith. I couldn’t agree more! We are privileged to live in the time and society we live in today. While there is much that is still unequal there is so much more that has been fought for and won. I believe, as women, we have the power to change the world if we equip ourselves with the right skills, mindset and people. I am a former primary school teacher, a management consultant by day and a social entrepreneur all the time. As the Director of M.A.D Skills and the Founder of  More Than Rubies it is my privilege to be surrounded by people who want to teach and learn from each other. Knowledge is power and I look forward to welcoming you to another empowering day at More Than Rubies 2018.


Choosing Fearless

Being fearless is not the absence of fear. It is an acknowledgement of fear and choosing to move forward despite it. Being fearless is a choice. It has the power to change our lives if we let it. Join me as I explore what it means to be fearless and WHY we must choose to do it.