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More Than Rubies comes from
an ancient proverb which declares that

Women are of more
value than jewels

We believe this means you are worth investing in. 

More Than Rubies is a movement for young women empowering them to make healthy and informed decisions by equipping them with the practical skills they need to achieve their dreams.

In November we hosted NexGen: Design Your Future, Rubies for Girls event.  

Incredible insights were shared by the young ladies. 

hottopics facing our young crowd: climate change, bullying, politics (people who can make change not doing so), and how others perceive them.
whattheywant: safe spaces to talk about things that are worrying them – going from worries to an action plan, building their confidence, turning strengths into careers, be connected to people who are bringing about the positive changes they desire and more.


About Us

We empower young women by equipping them with the practical skills they need to take charge and bring about positive change in their lives. 

Speaker Series

We organise the More Than Rubies MeetUps throughout the year to bring inspiring and talented women to share their knowledge.


#NextGen 2020



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